A closer look at zoom.

53 describes the philosophical approach they took to adding zoom to their iPad drawing app Paper. I love how they created a popover for the designers to test the parameters of the loupe while it was in development.

“I think that you can wait forever for the muse to sit on your shoulder, but most of the time you know what has to be done and inspiration is not going to help you.”
A First Look at BankSimple

A sneak peek at the BankSimple UI. Big banks, take notice – if the attention to detail in their design is any indication of their overall approach to the business, they’re going to be stealing customers from you in droves.

“We make in the hope that what we produce can carry us somewhere better, to a place more satisfactory. If we can do this for ourselves, we are lucky. When we are able to do so for others, we are tending towards glory.”
Frank Chimero

(Source: blog.frankchimero.com)

“In every kind of creative endeavor – and great technology is indeed a form of creative expression – there’s a difference between real art and mere technical competence. It’s impossible to quantify but which everybody can intuit it almost instantly.”